Sunday, August 14, 2011

From Beauty to Broken and Back Again

Today Jariah and I went walking on one of our favorite beaches here in Kodiak, Mission Beach.  If your from the island you know you have to wait for the tide to go out so there will be sand to walk on as well as be able to see the rocks so that you can find little treasures.  We make it down the little hill and to the rocks, as the rocks meet the sand you can find neatest things; drift wood, smooth weird shaped rocks, and my favorite sea glass.

Sea glass is a timeless treasure.  The journey a piece takes may have begun decades or centuries before it was found.  Sea glass starts out as refuse glass that was broken then discarded into the sea, only to find its seeming resting ground in the ocean or upon the shoreline. Yet the piece is awakened as powerful elements of sand, tide, water and weather buffet the shard over time and terrain.  It is transformed during the voyage; sanded, smoothed, hydrated & finally renewed into a gem. After a lifetime of tumbling, the colorful jewel washes up on the shore and waits to be discovered.  

After finding my first pieces of sea glass it really had me thinking about how the life of sea glass compares to ones life after sin.  First we are all born beautiful and pleasing to the world,  a Japanese glass float.  How
amazing! At an early age, you learn about God and who he is or you don't, the floats are put on boats some stay attached to the boats, and some fall off and into the depths of the oceans and seas.  Without the Lord in your life or knowledge of, and you chose to sin, you are broken apart to little pieces.  Your once beautiful life broken to pieces from sin.  You are washed away in waves, beaten against rocks, rubbed on by the rough sand (the trials in your life).  As you learn your lessons and grow closer to our savior, you make it closer to the shore.  Little by little, struggle by struggle, win by win.  One day you finally have the AH HA moment in your life where you realize without GOD you wouldn't be here, without God your sins would have never been forgiven (lost at sea forever), with God all things are possible!  When you finally make it out, you realize that you have your beauty back, your sins forgiven, a NEW you! 

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