Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Answered Prayers

Almost three years ago, I started a new job as a care coordinator.  It was an office job that made me part a team.  The team was made up of seven ladies (myself included) all come from different walks of life.  Am was  a divorcee, working an office job as well as being a bartender at night both to meet ends meet to take care of her two children.  Ka had just recently graduated from college working her first "real job."  Ke was still a student and working full time one day dreaming of becoming a police officer.  Kr was married and working her 9-5 shift and always seeming to hurt herself someway or another.  Di, a single parent to two boys who she loved more than life itself.  Even though she was a mother, a hard worker, and a really good friend, she was still voted "Freek-A-Leek" by the team!  And then there was Sarah.

Sarah was different than anyone i had ever met.  She and I didn't really have a lot in common.  She moved here from Utah, I had lived in Anchorage my whole life.  She was stead fast in her faith, I knew there was a God but never really called upon him more than the one time i really needed him.  She was confident, even though i always pretended to be I was so very far from it.  She never said a curse word, the F word slipped out of my mouth like drool after you visit the dentist. She was a virgin about to marry her life time friend and new found love, I had just broken up with by boyfriend and sleeping around once again.  She was happy, and I was struggling to find who i was so that I could get there one day.

A few months went by working closely together, and I could see that Sarah truly had some kind of secret to happiness.  She was always positive, forgiving, honest, loyal, and resilient.  We begin to forge a friendship, a friendship that would change my life forever.

A few people had quit, and Sarah had moved into my office.  Now we were two differant people, she was married, and I was newly pregnant.  We began sharing stories of life, family, love, and so much more.  After hearing more about Sarah's life, I knew quickly that i needed to change mine.  I wanted to be able to give my son a good foundation, good morals and values, and I wanted him to be happy.  

I began to ask her questions about her church, she was LDS (Latter Day Saint).  Little by little I learned about Sarah and the way her faith shaped the woman she had become.  One afternoon, I was having a really bad day; thoughts of being single and raising a baby all on my own.  It was quite over whelming.  I Broke down and cried on Sarah's shoulder, she just listened and was there for me.  She told me about the laying of hands and that her Husband held the Priest Hood and would be more than willing to say a blessing over me.  I told her I would think about it.  A few days went by and Sarah hadn't said anything about it again, but i knew that i could use a blessing.  I asked her if she had a night open that I could come over.  Sure enough the next night, I was over at Sarah's house eating dinner, listening to her share the book of Mormon with me, and I also received my first blessing.

I put my hands on my growing belly as Jed placed his hands upon my head.  As he said the blessing (a prayer of health, healing, and happiness) tears fell down my face.  I felt deep inside a sense of peace.  An overwhelming peace.  I went home that night with my own copy of The Book of Mormon and couldn't wait to discover what would be the beginning to my new life.

Over the next year, I read and read this great book!  I learned more about life, love, and happiness.  I started going to church, received the lessons, grew spiritually and challenged myself to become someone i never thought possible.  I was baptized!  I was forgiven!  I was at peace!  I was happy!

The day of my baptism, I gave my testimony and Sarah gave hers too! Tears filled the relief society room.  She had been praying for for a friend, I had been praying for a miracle.  That evening both of our prayers were answered!

For by grace are you saved through faith;
and that not of yourselves:
it is the gift of God 
~Ephesians 2:8

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